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The easy-to-read articles in Taste of Science focus on innovation in a broad sense. Everything that can help food entrepreneurs survive in the increasingly competitive European food market. We also look to inspire you by sharing experiences of entrepreneurs who have successfully found ways to improve their business, or who have jumped into a gap in the market. Besides, we inform you about relevant workshops and events across Europe.


Taste of Science office, Agro Business Park 82, 6708PW Wageningen, the Netherlands +31 88 3663 700

Managing editors

  • Jeroen Knol
    Director of EFFoST
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    Expertises: food science, modelling, new product development.

  • Marielle Ramaekers
    Scientific coordinator at EFFoST
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    Expertises: food science, sensory science, behavioural science

  • Helena McMahon
    Principle Investigator at Shannon ABC, Institute of Technology Tralee

    Helena McMahon (BSc, MSc, PhD) has an extensive project portfolio, at a national and EU level in in product innovation, commercialisation and Industry (SME) collaboration. Interests are in the Bio-ecomony, functional ingredients (nutraceuticals & cosmseuticals), bio-therapeutics, facilitation of SME collaborative actions, technology transfer, innovation and multi-actor networks. Dr. McMahon has authored several papers, books, chapters and supervised MSc candidates in Innovation, Biotech and Agri-food areas.

Editorial team

  • Alisha Lewis

    Professor of Research

  • Eduardo Rosa

    Project Coordinator

  • Giovanna Ferrari

    Prof. of Chemical Engineering and President of ProdAl scarl

  • Hayley Every

    Project Manager

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  • Javier Raso

    Professor of Food Technology

  • Linda Grieder


  • Lu-Ann Williams
  • Macarena Baylos
  • Mark de Boevere

    Managing Director

  • Matthias Schulz

    Engineer Food Technology Research Assistant

  • Nina McGrath

    Food Safety Projects Manager

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  • Rallou Salakou
  • Sami Letho

    Chief Operations Officer

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  • Tullia Gallina Toschi

    Full professor at the Department of Agricultural and Food Science Coordinator of the research group of instrumental and sensory analysis of food.

  • Yolanda Sanz

    Professor of Research

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